Conveying Equipment - Log Decks

Product ImageThe Cleereman Log Decks are used to convey logs in a variety of applications. The rugged heavy duty design makes them the perfect choice for bringing large diameter logs to a debarker or Carriage, while the medium duty style is perfect for bringing pulp into a smaller sawmill or shaving mill.

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  • Various Strand spacing, Lengths, and heights available
  • Medium Duty Model with WH78 Chain
  • Log Stops
  • UHMW Wearstrips
  • AR Wearstips 

  • Frame: Twin 3/8" x 6" x 8" Tube Design
  • Bearings: Anson Split Bearings
  • Headshaft: 3 7/16" TG&P Headshaft
  • Chain: WH82 Chain
  • Wearstrip: 5/8" CR Flat
  • Drive Package: Dodge Quantis Gearbox with a Marathon Motor
  • Strands: Any number and spacing available.